Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hectic week. Ran here and there. Fell in the shower, sprained my spine and didnt do anything about it. Hell yeah !

Documentary, arrangements are being made to facilitate our shoot in Penang, kicking-off on the 18th till 22nd February 2009. I'll be having 6 boys under my roof, i like! o.r.g.y !! Hoping that everything planned will be delivered with less mess, and Inshallah if everything sail smoothly, might consider to hold a bbq at Nael's place by the beach for the team..

my house in Penang

Communication research, KILLS !! thanks Rudi for the enlightenment. "the impacts of non-impartial entertainment news reports in newspaper towards the learning process of media students in UiTM Malacca". QUAACCKKK QUAACCKK

Yes, belut will back in action as I'll be heading up to Penang on Friday at 2pm, meet some people for documentary and head back to KL on Saturday evening. Penat, yes I'm trying to imagine myself driving all the way, with sprained spine (jatuh dalam toilet). Its ok, doing it for the sake of love. Im single, today !!

Got 'enlightened' by some peeps about this and that, never imagined that someone had balls to counter attack me over a silly last minute changes. Come on, have better balls, girl ! This is why I hardly associate myself with girls. Their balls are just different, and nothing near to my league of balls. You gotta wake up, bimbo ! No, I'm not saying you are plain stupid, just go and get better balls.
she has balls, like me !

I love my boys.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Document A Story - Dhobi Wallah

Petang ni, team dokumentari ada discussion dengan Abang Iqbal, our supervisor for this project. On why the topic Dhobi Wallah made the cut, its due to the fact that this profesion is towards kepupusan or so we think. In short, dhobi wallahs are groups of Indians yang buat laundry service by the river. In Penang, they are still running the show at Dhoby Ghaut, my hometown. This topic somehow has some sentimental and awareness value to me and I just cant wait to shoot this documentary on 18-22 Feb 2009.

Ajib Kumar, Ramu, Suresh, Senthil and fellow fierceful dogs at Dhoby Ghaut, cant wait to crash you guys !!!

Of being a media student !

Dear groupies,

I knew that I was born to study media. All sorts of ladder I've climbed up, jatuh, bangun, jatuh balik and I am still climbing. Orang Penang kata, 'kayuh pelan-pelan'. Being a superbly fickle minded lass, the only time I was certain was when I applied for my uni. It has been three fucking awesome years now.

Once, ayah said to me "Girl, you are not there yet" when I didnt understand some word he was using. That line was planted in me and up till today, that same line motivated me whenever I feel like quitting. Princesses are not quitters. Call me Puteri now.

Yes, im working my way up there. During my first few semesters here, I was saddened with the fact that teaching methods here are theoritical mostly. I believe that if one wishes to be hired in the world of media, one needs to be well-equipped with hands-on experiences. Met all sorts of key players in the media ground, big shots from networks, ad agency and many more, experiences are what they demand from us students! Let me share some of my working experience with u guys ok. Sila menjeles.

Secretariat and Mascot of KL World Marching Band Competition 07,08.

RM50 per day, KL based.

I was hired as the secretariat and at times had to attend to my CEO as well, as his PA. It was cool because I was in the school band so I practically know the tense and hardwork to make sure this event a successful one. Being the in the admin team, I did all sort of letters, liaise with suppliers, government officers, making guests list, speech writing, and basically making sure that all side events like the welcome dinner and launchings are smooth sailing.

Must have :
Its very important that you have all the information at your finger tips, notebook and pen with you ALL THE TIME, always ask to clarify info, and most importantly never let your emotion run your system.Big NO-NO !

So many shits occurred and the best part was when i volunteered myself to be one of the mascot. Thanks to PMP Sdn Bhd for the experience.

Langkawi International Maritime and Airspace Exhibition, 2007

Langkawi, got paid RM60 per day, accommodation and meals provided,
FREE mat sallehs in white uniform up for grabs.

Any loser yang tanak? I was hired through an agent, was given the task to handle enquiries at the organizers office, and escort delegates to exhibition. Yang syiok kerja dengan LIMA ni besides dapat cuci mata, u get to witness how such big event are being handled.

Must have :
very very good pr skills as you will need to communicate with foreigners mostly and if you fucked up, they will 'channel' thier dissatisfaction to your bosses right away. have some balls to tackle abang-abang army sikit, AFTER working hours. kindly manis mulut with the bosses, you might get hired again for the next LIMA. hehe.

i got head over heels when my boss, Mr Ray asked whether I was interested to work for them permanently or not.

World Congress of IT, by MDEC, 2008

RM 80 per day, based at Cyberjaya and KLCC.

Yes, the pay memang best. I started working during my study weeks, and for almost two months jugak. My main task was to handle business to business meetings at Impiana Hotel as I led the team, thanks to Mr Kill Bill. Meeting schedules were updated by the telemarketers and sadly there were too many meetings canceled and some guests were pissed off la. The week event had me running from Impiana to KLCC as the B2B meetings were held at two venues, I made friends with key players in the IT field. Once the event was over, most of my team mates left except me as my boss decided to have me back at Cyberaya and tabulate all of the data collected. Tough one as everyday I had different numbers.

Must have :
the balls to mix around with managers, bosses. notebook at all meetings. effort as bosses will only register you in their system when you initiate things. always find alternatives when you are trapped ( i traveled from Kelana Jaya to Cyberjaya by bus as early as 6.15am, everyday ). request for testimonials so that your boss can be your reference. wanna see mine??

Well, I had so much fun indulging myself with events and Im looking for more. At the moment, its all about scriptwriting and translation Im trying to get my hands on. Hope message here is delivered.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Barenaked : )

I am finally here. Lets start with some pictorials, shall we?
Oh, I'm Shirin, by the way ! 21 years young, a Penang born. Strictly bukan anak mami ok ! Tapi cek suka mamak !!!

This was snapped after our interview session with Mr Shimmy, the brain behind Kan Cheong Kitchen. Hope your team loves the doughnuts! Oh ya, that makes me a media student in a local uni, Melaka based. Back in 2006, i was offered Pre-Law course in Uitm Merbok when i was dying for a seat in Media Studies. So after one semester in Law faculty, i managed to get transfered to Melaka. During the first few semester, I didnt actually have that much of friends. Makan, shop, walk, mandi, makan semua sorang-sorang. Cool jugak jadi lone ranger ni. and then.....

Im a men-eater, especially the dark-skinned, warm blooded but cool. Preferably career-driven and five years older than me. And oh, that makes me single, right? When foods are concerned, I know best especially Penang's street foods. I am 'designed' to guide you to the best eateries on my island. Its your loss if you dont call me when you there. Future posts will enlighten you guys on where to go in Penang. I was born not to consume any vegetables but i love fruits tho.