Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hectic week. Ran here and there. Fell in the shower, sprained my spine and didnt do anything about it. Hell yeah !

Documentary, arrangements are being made to facilitate our shoot in Penang, kicking-off on the 18th till 22nd February 2009. I'll be having 6 boys under my roof, i like! o.r.g.y !! Hoping that everything planned will be delivered with less mess, and Inshallah if everything sail smoothly, might consider to hold a bbq at Nael's place by the beach for the team..

my house in Penang

Communication research, KILLS !! thanks Rudi for the enlightenment. "the impacts of non-impartial entertainment news reports in newspaper towards the learning process of media students in UiTM Malacca". QUAACCKKK QUAACCKK

Yes, belut will back in action as I'll be heading up to Penang on Friday at 2pm, meet some people for documentary and head back to KL on Saturday evening. Penat, yes I'm trying to imagine myself driving all the way, with sprained spine (jatuh dalam toilet). Its ok, doing it for the sake of love. Im single, today !!

Got 'enlightened' by some peeps about this and that, never imagined that someone had balls to counter attack me over a silly last minute changes. Come on, have better balls, girl ! This is why I hardly associate myself with girls. Their balls are just different, and nothing near to my league of balls. You gotta wake up, bimbo ! No, I'm not saying you are plain stupid, just go and get better balls.
she has balls, like me !

I love my boys.



  1. I'm officially hate the literature review.

    haha. btw nice blog shirin! and yeah, lets hope semue okay nanti time shooting!

  2. where where where???i haven't see ur balls???where???show it to me bebeh!!hahaha

  3. e-zul,
    nice ke? hehe thank u thank u

    hehe !! thanks for dropping by yeah. my future posts will serve you more balls. i can assure u that

  4. shirin! you have such a charming house. bila nak jemput? :)